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Emmersons Solicitors Managing Director Jacqueline Emmerson is head of the Family Law Department and is a member of the Law Society's Specialist Family Law Panel and Resolution.

She is one of a limited number of solicitors in the area who deals with Collaborative Family Law. She specialises in high net worth cases often including business assets.

Family Lawyers Newcastle and Sunderland - Arrangements for Children.

Specialist Sunderland and Newcastle Family Lawyers. Let us help you stay out of court.
If you and your partner have separated you will need to make suitable arrangements for your children to spend time with each of you and with other family members. You will have to deal with one another for a number of years in respect of your child or children. They will benefit if you can do this in an amicable way. It is better if you can negotiate a settlement without having to use the court system.

Since April 2014 the law has changed meaning that, before you can issue court proceedings to deal with Arrangements for Children, you must attempt some form of mediation. At Emmersons Solicitors we can offer you Collaborative Family Law Sunderland and Newcastle Round Table Meetings and negotiation between solicitors by way of letter or telephone calls.

We can refer you to other support services including family therapists who can help you and your ex-partner to come to terms with the end of your relationship.

Our Family Law Solicitors team in Newcastle and Sunderland can advise you and help you in respect of all of your options. Many of our clients felt distressed when they first approached us. However, they have found that we have been able to help them and their family without the need for court proceedings.

Expert Child Custody Solicitors Newcastle and Sunderland

The new term for Custody/Access or Residence/Contact is now Arrangements for Children.

In the event that you need to issue court proceedings then we can assist you and help to reduce some of the stress that you may feel. The court will look at the process from the point of view of the child. It is their right to see both parents and all other relatives. This can be grandparents and aunts and uncles. The court will try to make sure that this happens.

Even if :
  • One parent does not pay maintenance
  • One parent feels bitter about the other
  • One parent has a new partner

The court will still put the needs of the child first and will attempt to make an order allowing the child or children to see both parents on a regular basis including overnight stays and holidays.

If you are prevented from seeing a child in your family you should seek help as soon as possible. In the first instance we can try to negotiate on your behalf, we can try Round Table Meetings and Collaborative Family Law. If this fails we would then consider issuing court proceedings. The court is usually sympathetic to those making a genuine application to see a child.

If you need help with your divorce or separation, then contact us for a Next Steps Divorce Advice Session and see how we can help you.

We know that this can be a worrying time. Why not contact us and let us help you through the process. Ask to speak to our Family Law Department.

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