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Drink Driving - too much Christmas cheer!


For some the season of parties becomes the Winter of deep regret.

Speeding and Drink Driving can lead to horrific consequences for you, your family and others. Death or serious injury can follow. It is for that reason that the police are extra vigilant during the Christmas period. From the middle of December our police forces start paying particular attention to motorists. They are aware that after a few too many drinks when people have started drinking earlier than usual it is easy to make silly decisions.


Having decided to drive home after your Christmas party, you may not be aware that you are over the limit. If you are lucky you won’t kill yourself or anyone else but you may be stopped by the Police. In these circumstances you are likely to be breathalysed. If you are over the limit what happens next is that you will be charged or receive a requisition notice to attend Court. Will you lose your licence, will you lose your job?


Alternatively, you may be in a terrible rush to reach home so that you can see your children before you go out for the evening. Or you may be dashing to the shops to pick up last minute food or gifts. Suddenly, Flash! Caught on camera!


Eventually you will receive a letter from the Police, as the vehicle’s registered keeper, and you are asked to confirm the name of the driver. You do that. You then receive another letter asking you to confirm you are the driver. Several things can and do go wrong at this point. Some people think it is ok to have a relative accept the points on their behalf. It is not. This is a very serious offence which almost inevitably leads to jail.


Many of our clients are so busy that they overlook the second form. They later receive a letter advising them that they are facing 6 penalty points and a fine. They then try to accept the speeding offence but the Police say “no, too late”. If this has happened to you do not panic. Representations can be made to the court on your behalf. However, as this is a very technical point of law you should not attempt to represent yourself in court. You should seek help from a solicitor.


At Emmersons Solicitors, we are often contacted by clients who have accumulated 12 penalty points. They are facing disqualification. For most this will mean not being able to undertake their work. For others, who run their own business, it can potentially mean the end of their business with the consequent loss of employment for others. Michael Robinson, who specialises in Motoring Law at Emmersons, has helped a huge number of people to retain their licences using particular legal arguments.


If you have been stopped by the police for drink driving or speeding over the Christmas period then now is the time that you will have to deal with the situation. At Emmersons Solicitors we deal with hundreds of motoring cases every year. Michael Robinson has an excellent reputation for helping our clients to retain their driving licences and thus often their employment or their business.


At Emmersons Solicitors, we would advise all drivers to only drive when sober; don’t drive the morning after the big night out and don’t speed. However, If you are in trouble with the Police do not ignore the paperwork from them. Seek immediate legal advice from us. Let us help you to save your livelihood and your home.

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Author: Jacqueline Emmerson
Collaborative Family Lawyer


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