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What Does A Good Divorce Lawyer Offer?

What Does A Good Divorce Lawyer Offer? Family Law Solicitors Newcastle Gosforth Sunderland

Divorce Solicitors Newcastle (Gosforth) and Sunderland.

At Emmersons Solicitors we pride ourselves on the quality of advice and service that our Divorce Lawyers provide to our clients. The way we feel about how we handle our cases may mean very little to you. How do you know that we offer such good service, what is the difference between us and other firms?

High Ethical Standards.

The first thing I would say is that we work from a position of high ethical standards. This is important to anyone seeking help in relation to a divorce or separation; you need to know that we will be honest with you about your chances of success, we will encourage you, and will expect the other party, to be honest with us and the court. Having a reputation for being honest in our dealings with everyone means that the court knows that when we present a case we have not hidden anything from the court. We don’t ever build a case to make lots of money.

Amicable Solutions.

We guide you to reach amicable solutions without expecting you to compromise where this would not be in your best interests. You may think that a settlement being offered is good enough for now. We may see problems ahead, what if you obtain the matrimonial home and your spouse is a high earner with good pension provision, savings and the ability to obtain and maintain another home? We would be trying to ensure that you could afford to maintain your home. If you were receiving little or no earnings and had no savings then how would you fix the boiler or the roof in two years time?

You also need to know that we are up to date with the law. We attend regular courses, Collaborative Family Law Group meetings and we organise in-house training to keep up with best practice. We also give lectures to voluntary organisations about Family Law so that their volunteers can assist the people that they are supporting.

We have three senior lawyers in our team each with over twenty years of legal experience. We have two Collaboratively trained lawyers. This training is quite intensive and concentrates on helping our clients to reach an amicable settlement without ever having to attend court. It governs the way we deal with our clients even if they don’t wish to sign up to a collaborative agreement.

We Support And Help You.

We are also very supportive of our clients. Take Rona Samuel for example. She worked in the Tyne Valley for over a decade and built up a large following of clients as one client would refer another to Rona. She is known to be very kind and supportive to her clients. However, like Jacqueline Emmerson and Tracey Hammond, who has just joined us, she is good at looking to the future needs of a client and helping them to obtain the best settlement for their needs, not just any settlement.

In one case recently, Rona helped to support her client to obtain a further £70,000 more than had been offered by our client’s spouse. This took a lot of investigation and preparation but our client had confidence in Rona that she could achieve a much better outcome. In another case, a client was advised that they would only receive £10,000 from their spouse as everything else was allegedly tied up in a business. Upon further forensic investigation, it transpired that there were secret savings and that the business had a lot of assets, previously completely unknown to our client. The end result was that the client walked away with a house with no mortgage, savings and part of their spouse’s pension.

Very importantly we don’t cost the earth. I have heard people say that they must get to x firm before their husband or wife does, x firm is the best! Are they, is it right that you should be encouraged to fight over everything in order to give x firm more money? X firms are often expensive because they build their cases up too much. Our attitude is to avoid this, to help you and your spouse to move forward amicably wherever possible. The difference between a contentious letter from a solicitor and a moderate letter saying in effect the same thing can be thousands of pounds. As each party then starts to take umbrage.

We are proud of the fact that only about 5% of our cases ever end up in contested court proceedings. Thus we are helping our clients to avoid the stress, cost and timescale of the court process. If it is necessary to take a case to court, then you can rest assured that you will be well looked after by us. Our aim is to leave you and your spouse with your dignity and to allow you to move on with your lives as quickly as possible.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Rona Samuel on 0191 2846989.

Our Gosforth office is located at 137A Back High Street NE3 4ET-call in and see us at any time. We have wheelchair access, you can be dropped off at our front door, and there is free parking on the adjoining streets.

Contact our friendly Family Law Department.

For more information about our Family Law Services.
Newcastle 0191 284 6989 or Sunderland 0191 567 6667

Author: Jacqueline Emmerson

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